Green Tea Supplements for Weight Loss

green tea for weight loss
Although Green Tea originated from India and China, it has huge popularity all over the world. Great health benefits that you can have of its, have made to has wide use.

Powerful antioxidants that it contains, have damaged free radicals and have removed toxins of your body.

It has result in reducing risk of diabetic and heart diseases, but as the biggest advantage is losing weight benefit.

Green Tea helps your body to burn more fat and increases metabolic rate naturally. It is effective weight loss supplement, which is available online for people all over the world.

Green Tea Weight Loss Benefits

According to some researches, Green Tea can help to burn fat and boost your metabolism. Even bigger results can be achieved with combination of good exercise plan.

Boosting Energy

Widely known is that taking coffee before workout increases energy with that you can have longer workouts that burn more fat.

Boosting Energy

Tea for diet contains less caffeine of drinking cup of coffee, which is quite enough to increase your energy. It is enough to make workout schedules to burn more calories. It will increase your concentration and will make you active all day.

A lot of sportsmen have used caffeine because boosts energy for longer period of time and makes to withstand their intensive trainings. In moderate amounts, it can be effective.

Taking one cup of green tea before exercise can increase burning fat cells procedures for 17%, during exercise.

It will improve your endurance for running. In a period of 10 weeks if you regularly take it, you will increase your endurance for 24%.

Increasing Metabolism

Increasing Metabolism

Metabolism is process where your body turns food you eat into energy. If you have slow metabolism, then it process has been very slow. It will initiate constantly to have excess of pounds.

Green Tea raises your metabolism. Catechins and caffeine, both ingredients have metabolism boost effects that will help to burn 3-4% more calories daily.

Caffeine is burning fat with increasing heat production in organism. This process is known as thermogenesis. Together with the EGCG can increase thermogenesis. Catechins stimulate fat oxidation. Both together increase metabolic rate 3-4%.

Appetite Suppressants

Appetite Suppressants

Does Green Tea work for weight loss. It is proven as effective in suppressing appetite.

Main factor that makes it effective to reduce food craving is its impact on two hormones, dopamine and norepinephrine. These two hormones have effect on nervous system and decrease psychological desire for eating food.

EGCG is most effective substance in green tea and helps controlling appetite by breaking down catecholamine.

Also it increases release of CCK hormone. With more CCK hormones in your body successfully can be controlled appetite. This hormone tells your brain that it is enough food for your organism, with that you stop hunger craving especially at night.

Health Benefits

Health benefits
Its antioxidant properties have made Green Tea to has great health benefits.


Our body to function, it needs energy. It gets energy of food that we consume. In the process when the body converts food into energy, are released chemicals known as free radicals.

Through the process of oxidation, these free radicals can damage to our body and they are reason for many health problems. If their concentration is increased more of normal, can damage body and result in aging.

How to reduce free radicals? The best way to fight with them is using Green tea antioxidants which neutralize them.

Clinically studies which are published, reveal that consuming green tea extract is great source of antioxidants. This benefit derives from the higher level of flavonoids, antioxidants which prevent free radical damage your body.

Increasing Memory

Increasing Memory
According a study, which is made in Switzerland, is proven that drinking green tea improves working memory. With researches, which are made on the people, are noticed positive effects at parts of brain associated with memory. Especially are improved performances on working memory.

Cancer Prevention

With some studies which are made on this topic, is found that drinking tea can help in cancer prevention. Ingredient polyphenols in green tea could slow down tumor cell growth at women breast cancer. Also has positive effect for preventing cancer of prostate, skin, lungs.

Skin Care

Skin care

Green Tea polyphenols have great skin benefits. Although that will improve your skin elasticity, will prevent appearance of some skin diseases. 

It contains antioxidants, which reduce cell damage and protect skin from damage that can cause UV sunrays.

Green Tea has great anti aging properties and prevents appearance of wrinkled skin. So, it can be found in many natural skin care products.

Heart Health

Although is known that caffeine is not recommended for those who have heart problems, some studies prove that green tea prevents heart diseases.

In one study, which is made, is examined what effect will have on arteries. Does green tea unclog arteries? With researching is found that those people who drank green tea have significantly wider arteries, that means low risk of heart diseases.

Controlling Cholesterol

High cholesterol is a problem at many people. They want to know how to maintain good cholesterol.

It is proven that taking green tea has big effect on cholesterol level. Its regularly consuming increases sensitivity and helps to control high blood sugar. In combination with its, health food and exercise can get great results.

Drinking Green Tea or Taking Pills

Drinking Tea

Does more help drinking tea or taking green tea supplements for weight loss? First, you should know that there is a difference. Both, have different EGCG content. With taking herbal pill for women or men, you have standard EGCG dosage, while at tea content varies.

In what percentage will be that, depends of many factors as tea type, place where is cultivated, method and process of treatment, process of preparing etc.

Minimum dosage of EGCG that works to lose weight is 200 mg per day. If in each tea bag or in one teaspoon has of 25-80gr EGCG then it is very difficult to determine how many of them would be needed.

Unlike of them, in green diet pills is known what is content. It is standardized and easily can be taken necessary Green Tea extract dosage for weight loss. So, it is much better taking green tea diet pill then drinking tea.

Also, is safely to make combination of both, but be careful to not be exceeded recommended dose.

What Should Know About Green Tea Dietary Supplements

taking pills

If you decide for them, it is good to know how they are made. There are two different ways. In one way leaves of green tea are dried, then are cut and are put into the capsule. Mostly, supplements, which are made on this way, can be found in weight loss green tea store for healthy food.

The second way mostly has additional processing where leaves are prepared at a certain temperature. Thus, the most effective of leaves can be extracted EGCG which is most effective substance to herbal losing weight that leaves contain.

With researching is found that EGCG has the same effect as drinking green tea. Can say that it form is better because is standardized its concentration.

The only thing that should be careful when you buy Green Tea extract capsules is to not contain excessive amount of EGCG.

How Much Green Tea Extract per Day to Losing Weight

You should know that depending of your weight, depends how much extract you need. A person needs 10mg of this extract per pound. If you have 70 pounds, then you should be enough 700 mg of it.

Green tea dietary supplement that you can buy online usually contains of 100-800mg in each capsule. Because their structure is standardized, you easily can determine what brand is best for you.

No need to exceed amount, which is enough for you. If you have 60 pounds and you need 600mg of it, then you need much more glasses drunk tea. If you know that one glass tea for diet contains in average 80gr, then you need at least 7-8 glasses tea per day.

You can take them very easily, with 1-2 capsules daily and to get the same green tea extract weight loss results. It is not recommended taking more of 750 mg EGCG daily.

When you buying, let it be supplement with high quality, which not exceed recommended daily dose, which depend of your individual weight.

If you do not like a taste of green tea, it is not reason to discard this proven herbal weight loss solution. Now, there is an alternative, which is available for everyone.

Best Green Tea Brands for Weight Loss

 Green Tea Extract
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  • Each capsule contains 500mg extract
  • Ideal alternative for drinking tea
  • Great weight manage solutions
  • Boosts metabolism rate and helps burn body fat
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 Acai Berru and Green Tea
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  • Increase your energy level
  • Break down excess of carbohydrates
  • Boost metabolism
  • Contain huge amount of antioxidants
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